Welcome to European Horse Trucks, specialists in beautifully customised, high spec, luxury horse truck builds and imports for New Zealand clients. Our speed of delivery sets us apart along with our use of quality UK and European coachbuilders who offer a wide range of specifications and style aesthetics.

EHT are renowned for delivering value for money together with comprehensive import certification management to ensure our clients avoid any headaches or hassles. Genuine customer satisfaction is our absolute aim for EVERY client, as evidenced by our Google reviews and testimonials. We look forward to delivering the truck of your dreams, on time and on budget.

Our latest EHT Exclusive 4 horse truck

Reasons to buy through EHT

NZ horse truck builders typically have several years waitlist. EHT have access to several UK coachbuilders and can usually start a build for you within a few months and deliver your completed quality, bespoke truck to you 8 – 18 months later.

Because we are not affiliated with just one builder but a variety of design and build horse truck specialists, we have designed 4 different specification levels so we can curate your truck to meet your bespoke requirements. Together we can create a truly personalised horse truck build for your needs built with exceptional quality.

Not the only reason to import, but certainly an important contributing factor. The availability of quality used chassis combined with more coachbuilders working in a more competitive market in the UK means that we can keep your build price down to a more comfortable level.

In the UK a range of stylish pods and streamlined lutons are available – all with a sophisticated ‘European’ flair when compared to the more ‘industrial’ looking New Zealand truck designs. For a truly beautiful truck that stands out from the crowd in both form and function, EHT has you covered.

We place a great deal of importance on our communication with our clients. Just take a read of our Google Reviews and testimonials both for our car import business and on this website for European Horse Trucks. Your satisfaction is crucial to both Sally & Lincoln and we understand that clear and regular communication is a necessity when building a truck overseas, or importing a high-value vehicle of any kind.

All trucks will be priced to include getting them on the road in NZ: import compliance, electrical and gas certification, COF, registration, RUCs and the controversial “LT400 certification” will all be arranged by EHT and are included in your price. We are proud of the relationship we have built with a well-respected Auckland heavy vehicle certifier and Auckland compliance centres – leave that in our hands and let us just deliver your truck, registered and ready to drive away.

Too many people have imported trucks themselves and been caught out with incorrect dimensions, chassis corrosion which has led to compliance failures or large bills to rectify, crawl throughs that are too big to be certified, electrics that are not compatible with NZ standards and/or budget blow outs because of unknown costs or currency fluctuations. Eliminate the risk by leaving the import process to us – we’ve seen what works and what doesn’t. We take the risks and offer the truck to you at a fixed price.

Vehicle Options

Our quality Coach-builders can create a truly bespoke vehicle that works for you, your budget and your lifestyle.

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Keep up-to-date with what’s happening in the EHT world, our latest builds, chassis availability and build slots.

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