Horse Vans

The EHT Duo range are designed to carry 1-2* horses or ponies in comfort, with or without living accommodation for you.   Just as with all of our builds, the Duo can be fitted out to match your bespoke requirements and adjusted to meet your personal specifications.

We are very proud of the Duo and the accessibility it provides to so many horse enthusiasts who truly care about the transportation of their animals.  Safety and comfort for both horse and rider are achievable via these very accessible and popular Horse Vans.

We have built relationships with a Duo of highly respected UK coachbuilders and are excited to offer their products here in New Zealand.

When considering a horse van purchase we highly recommend you research the builders thoroughly and check their online reviews.

Kevin Parker Horseboxes

True innovators and leaders in the industry, offering outstanding build quality, safety, and longevity.  Kevin Parker Horseboxes present the Aeos range of horse vans (3.5 and 4.5 tonnes) and the Helios range of horse trucks.

KPH Google Reviews

“Kevin Parker Horseboxes are by far one of THE best manufacturers in the country (UK)….My box is 4.5 ton so has plenty of payload which was very important to me. Too many manufacturers gloss over the safety issues… not KPH…These boxes are not cheap… but it is not about cheap… you most definitely get what you pay for in the horsebox world. KPH don’t cut corners and pride themselves on the quality….”.  Hannah Sheldon.

The Aeos range of horse vans benefits from a multitude of safety features often lacking in  horse vans from other manufacturers:

  • Side impact protection and a reinforced safety cell to the horse wall.
  • Ground-breaking 35mm Coat-X Polyurea protected padding on the walls, partition, and lift-up ramp door.
  • Stainless steel ramps and hinges, and sliding stainless steel horse partitions.
  • Coat-X also protects the horse area floor, waste drain tubes, and ramp.
  • Adjustable mounting rail in front of each horse for the Equi Travel Safe harness (prevents rearing/jumping whilst leaving your horses free to move, balance, and relax).

Pricing examples:

KPH Aeos Compact ST 3.5 tonne is a stallion stall horse box with an increased specification including full stalls (no breast bar) and full height partitions to transport problematic horses. On a new Peugeot Boxer chassis pricing approx. $145,000 inc GST.

KPH Aeos 4.5 range have overall lengths of 6.2m to 7.32m, larger payloads between 1.5 and 2.1 tonnes, and living accommodation for you.   

Aeos Compact ST 4.5 with a massive 2-tonne payload and on a new chassis approx. $165,000 inc GST.

Aeos Weekender 4.5  top spec and with luxury living area for you, on a new Citroen Enterprise chassis costs approx. $188,000 inc GST.


Equihunter offers practical, cost-effective, and feature-rich luxury horse vans with a superb level of modern styling, safety, and comfort.

Facebook Reviews


“Took delivery of my new Equihunter Encore 45 today and am blown away by just how lovely it is!…Safety was my top priority with a little luxury on the side but they have managed to create a safe and solid box that looks and feels top class. Even my ‘off script’ build requests were met with enthusiasm and can do attitude. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Equihunter”…Sarah Brown.


The Aurora – 3.5 to 3.9-tonnes with a big payload and a huge storage area
The Arena – 3.5-tonnes with a strong stallion style horse area
The Encore 39 – 3.9-tonnes with more payload or just extra features
The Encore 45 – 4.5-tonnes horsebox model, is built to last with an extraordinary payload ad extended living for luxurious overnight stays.


Equihunter Aurora 35 on a new chassis, pricing will start around $130,000.

Equihunter Encore 45 on a new Peugeot Boxer chassis, pricing will start from approx. $140,000 and rise to around $165,000 for a highly specified van with luxury living.

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*Please ensure that the payload for these vans matches your needs.  We have heard too many stories of trucks sold as ‘2 horse trucks’ yet only having a 1 tonne or less payload.  Remember, it’s not just the horses’ weight you have to consider, it’s a truck fully loaded with humans, hay, feed, water, tack and fuel too.  Have a read of this brilliant blog by KPH if you want to understand payload better.