About European Horse Trucks

European Horse Trucks is a Division of European Car Imports Ltd.

European Car Imports was established in 2013 when Kiwi born Lincoln brought his English wife, Sally, back to New Zealand after a 12 year career running Super Yachts around the world.

European Car Imports provides a logistics service to clients who wish to import European vehicles from the UK and Europe, saving them considerable amounts of money and increasing their choice while removing the headaches and typical import hassles.

After 5 years in business, we were approached by a car import client asking if we could help import a Horse Truck from the UK as there just wasn’t a great deal of choice here in New Zealand.    After some comprehensive research, we realised there was a market to build and import a variety of trucks from the UK at competitive prices, complete with the attractive European style elements not yet present via NZ manufacturers and builders.  What’s more, importing from the UK meant a Horse Truck could be available to our client in as little as 8 months – beating the usual 3-year waitlist for a Horse Truck here in NZ.

A business trip to the UK and meetings with a multitude of Horse Truck builders followed.  One truck was purchased whilst in the middle of construction to enable us to understand the intricacies of importing and complying a truck.   This truck was sold to Shirley and Fliss Grant at Equitana 2019 and there began a successful new division of our business.

Fast forward to 2023 – several trucks have been built and delivered, many lessons have been learnt and relationships built with excellent UK coachbuilders, NZ compliance centres, NZ heavy and light vehicle certifiers, repairers, truck mechanics…and most importantly our clients.

If you are looking for a New Zealand-based team to help you build your dream truck, whilst avoiding the common pitfalls of importing, and would like to have your truck in around one-third of the time it would take if you were ordering via most NZ coachbuilders, get in touch with Sally for an initial consultation.

Sally & Lincoln Roberts

Address: Waimauku, Auckland, New Zealand
Phone: +64 21 616 550
Email: sally@europeanhorsetrucks.co.nz

Late February 2022, Lincoln and Sally employed Eden Johnstone as an Ambassador for the EHT brand.  We are very proud to sponsor this successful young rider and astute Business and Marketing student.  As the owner of 2 of our EHT Element 12 tonne horse trucks Eden will be able to offer guidance to our clients as they confirm their specification choices.  As an owner ‘on the ground’ she provides continual feedback to help us evolve and develop our product line.

Horse truck Ambassador


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